Our 10” cheesecakes are made with a full 3 pounds of cream cheese!


$25.00 (8” round ~ serves 12)  $45.00 (10” round ~ serves 16)

Pricing and additional information


Our products are made to order. Please allow us a minimum of 24 hours to create your yummy dessert.

Want to order your dessert early? Let us know and we’ll freeze it for you. Our desserts can be frozen up to 2 weeks without affecting the flavor. Simply remove the wrapping while still frozen and allow to thaw in the fridge overnight.

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$20.00 (8” round ~ serves 10)   $40.00 (13x9 ~ serves 20)

Cream Scones

$18.00 for 6 Large or 12 Mini

Apple Crisp

$45.00   13x9 ~ 12 very generous individual portions

Our Apple Crisp is made with a full 10 pounds of apples.

Chocolate Lava Cakes

$30.00 for 12 individual cakes

Do you ship your products?

Currently we are not shipping our products. We’re looking into getting the shipping costs down and making sure our desserts arrive to your home in picture perfect condition. Check back often for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

No we don’t. Let me explain why. The majority of those types of cakes are structural. Pipes, dowels, Styrofoam and rice cereal treats. Then you add a dry cake that can be carved and cover the entire thing with thick layer of fondant. Sure it looks pretty, but that’s all it’s good for… looks. We believe when you order a cake you expect it to taste good. That’s what we’re all about, delicious desserts!

Do you make 3-D cakes like on TV?

Do you sell cupcakes?  ** Update **

Ok, I caved into peer pressure. But I insisted that I was not going to do this unless the cupcakes were every bit as moist and full of flavor as our regular sized cakes. We decided to fill and top our cupcakes with the same mousses we use in our regular cakes. So now you can enjoy the full flavors of our regular desserts in a smaller size. Not all of our cakes translate well into cupcakes, so the flavors that are available are clearly marked on our cakes menu.

Have additional questions? Feel free to contact us!

Yes we do. We’re very proud of the relationship we have with our wholesale clients. Please contact us to discuss our wholesale pricing.

Do you sell to restaurants? Food establishments? Coffee houses?

Yes we do. Please contact us to schedule a meeting. We’d love to make a special cake for your special day!

Do you make wedding cakes?

Absolutely we do. Our cakes normally do not have a frosting. They are topped with the same mousse we use as a filling. For a decorated cake, we apply a thin layer of our buttercream or fondant on the top and sides in order to create a blank canvas for you special message or embellishments. There is a minimum $10.00 decorating charge.

Do you sell decorated cakes? Birthday cakes?

CupCakes  -  1 Dozen

$20.40 ($1.70 ea / 1 dozen min per flavor)

Cookies  -  1 Dozen

$15.00 ($1.25 ea / 1 dozen min per flavor)

Do you offer Gluten Free / Sugar Free / Dairy Free / Egg Free?

We now offer a Gluten Free Chocolate cake that we’re very proud of. Still moist and all of the flavor of our regular chocolate cake. The flavors that are available in Gluten Free are clearly marked on our cakes menu. We’re working on perfecting our Gluten Free yellow and white cake recipes also our cookie recipes, so keep checking back for updates!


We don’t currently offer sugar, dairy and egg free products. We use real cream and butter in our desserts. Also we use eggs, white sugar or brown sugar in almost everything we make. We can’t get the same rich flavors without these items.


Some of our desserts include nuts or a nut product. If you have allergies, please let us know right away so we can help you choose a dessert that you can enjoy with piece of mind.